What is included in your photo shoot:


1.  Me as the photographer and an assistant.  An assistant is super important to help everyone in the group to look at the camera, smile, & laugh all at the same time.  This is helpful with large groups, children & pets.  Candid photos are important as well and not all photos will be looking at the camera & smiling.


2.  I use off camera flash most of the time.  While natural light photographers are great there are some things that can’t be accomplished without an off camera flash. An on camera flash dose not give a natural look & doesn’t give a creative style like an off camera flash.  Some disadvantages of just using natural light are: the colors are more muted, can’t capture backgrounds that are lighter than the subject, darker skins looks too dark with just natural light, especially when mixed with lighter skins, and deep seated eyes are dark unless the light is perfect without an off camera flash that will fill in the shadows.


3.  An online gallery to view & choose your photos



How dose your photo shoot work?


1. We have a phone conversion about your photo shoot & what you’re looking for

2. We choose a date & location for the shoot

3. $200 retainer fee to lock in the date (non-refundable, but able to change date & location up to a year)

4. We do the photo shoot & the remaining balance is due

5. I create an online gallery for you to choose your photos

6. I upload your photos in drop box & email you an link

7. You can print as many photos as you like